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Roles & Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Committee:

  • To ensure compliance with the provisions of AICTE Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging.

  • Monitor and oversee the performance of Anti Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.

SL NO Name Designation
1 Prof.S.J.Gouder Chairmen
2 G.C.Yadavannavar Member Secretary
3 C.B.Venkanagoudar Member
4 A.A.Biradar Member
5 S.B.Hosallipatil Member
6 R.T.Kalasaraddi Member
7 M.C.Biradar Member
8 M.S.Benal Member
9 Shilpa V Policepatil Member
10 N.D.Solapur Member

Anti Ragging

Any student studying or seeking admission should not involve or indulge in any sort of ragging in the campus, hostels or elsewhere. Ragging in any manner is a criminal offense and strictly policed & prohibited. Students found guilty of involving in ragging will be subjected to severe punishment as offence under IPC leading to expulsion from the institute without any notice. The course of action for the students proven guilty in ragging will be as per the rules and regulations on prevention of ragging imposed from time to time by the Government / Apex Courts or any other competent authorities.

Mobile Ban

AIn view of the recent ban on the usage of mobile phones in the campus, parents are requested to direct their wards strictly not to carry the mobile phones to the college. Violation of the rule would result in confiscation of the phone and stringent action by the college and the university.


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